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Mobility and You offers a diverse range of Walkers to suit all patient needs! Our Walkers range from Classic Walkers to lightweight walkers, tray trolley walkers, walker/wheelchairs and many more! Discover our range and enquire today at Mobility and You.
All Walkers available in-store and online at Mobility And You. We also offers the option to hire Walkers available for our dedicated customers – click here to see our Walker hire rates and many more products available to hire, available throughout the North Gold Coast, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Darling Downs Region.

  • Basic Walker
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    Basic Walker

    This walker has sturdy 8″ wheels and is perfect for outdoor use.  It comes in a range of colours, and is an economical alternative to the deluxe walker

    Price $195.00 incl.GST
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    Deluxe Walker

    This deluxe walker has a sleek modern frame design, with 8″ wheels and a weight capacity of 200kg.

    Price $245.00 incl.GST
  • Extra Wide Deluxe Walker
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    Extra Wide Deluxe Walker

    This walker has all the features of the Deluxe Walker (including the weight capcity of 200kg), but with the additional benefit of an extra wide seat.

    Price $345.00 incl.GST
  • -8%
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    Knee Walker

    The Shoprider Knee Walker keeps you active when lower limb conditions, injuries, surgery or accidents that prevent weight bearing on your lower leg. It is the perfect alternative to the utilisation of crutches and provides an alternative when traditional crutches won’t allow you the mobility to continue your daily schedule at home or work. This knee walker comes with dual locking hand brakes ensuring optimal safety and security when in use. The extra thick leg pad can be height adjusted and is channeled to provide increased stability allowing for a pain free comfortable experience. Handle folds easily for car boot transportation.

    Price $475.00 incl.GSTOn sale price $435.00 incl.GST
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    Multi Adjust Walker

    Light touch lock brakes
    Height adjustable handle bars
    Nylon bag prevents visibility of valuable items
    Ergonomic handgrips
    This Multi Adjust Walker with 8″ wheels has height adjustable seat and handgrips, which makes it very adaptable for the user

    Price $195.00 incl.GST
  • Tray Trolley Walker
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    Tray Trolley Walker

    The Tray Trolley walker is ideal for use inside the home> Pefect for transporting small items around the kitchen and with the extra security of light touch brakes.

    Price $235.00 incl.GST
  • 0 out of 5

    Tri Walker

    The Days Aluminium Tri Wheel Walkers have a lightweight aluminium frame that makes these walkers extremely easy to manouevre making them ideal for use indoors or out.

    Price $185.00 incl.GST
  • -15%
    walker/wheelchair combination
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    Walker/Wheelchair Combination

    The 2 in 1 walker and wheelchair combination is ideal for those who need extra assistance.  This product caters for those who wish to use it as a walker for the majority of time, but may temporarily need to use it as a transit wheelchair when on extended outings.

    Price $395.00 incl.GSTOn sale price $335.00 incl.GST
  • Walking Tutor
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    Walking Tutor

    The Walking Tutor is an ideal rehabilitation aid.

    Price $395.00 incl.GST
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    X-Fold Rollator

    Weighing only 7.5kg, the Drive X-Fold Rollator folds in two directions down to a very compact size, an easy fit in all car boots, a portable mobility solution!


    Sturdy yet lightweight aluminium cross brace and frame designed for easy manoeuvrability and added stability.


    Integral seat handle serves as a useful handgrip for pulling rollator.


    Soft, flexible backrests provides comfort and safety whilst seated.


    Push button height adjustment on handles to suit user requirements.


    Ergonomic loop brakes with internally routed brake cables for added safety.


    20cm (8″) diameter wheels suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


    Includes removable storage bag to carry shopping items and essentials.




    Price $320.00 incl.GST
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