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    Wheelchair Gel Seat Cushion

    The Wheelchair Gel Seat Cushion is a combination of a foam base and gel cube overlay. The gel cube promotes even distribution of weight and reduces the risk of developing pressure sores. Designed to provide pressure relief for those with a mild to moderate need for positioning support and with a low or moderate risk of skin breakdown. The cube design also allows for increased air circulation.

    Price $210.00 incl.GST
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    Wheelchair Pressure Cushion

    Bring a little comfort into your life with the Deluxe Pressure Relief Orthopaedic Cushion. This comfortable cushion is designed with a 3cm thick high density foam topped with a generous 4.5cm convoluted (egg crate) memory foam topper for improved comfort and air circulation.

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    Winsham Bariatric High Back Day Chair

    The Winsham Bariatric High Back Day Chair is designed specifically for the bariatric user, constructed using a heavy-duty steel frame with a wider and deeper seat. Incorporating fold away transfer wheels for easy manoeuvrability, the Winsham is ideal for both domestic and care facility settings.


  • Wooden Transfer Board
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    Wooden Transfer Board

    This transfer board assists in patient transfer.

    Price $85.00 incl.GST
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    X-Fold Rollator

    Weighing only 7.5kg, the Drive X-Fold Rollator folds in two directions down to a very compact size, an easy fit in all car boots, a portable mobility solution!


    Sturdy yet lightweight aluminium cross brace and frame designed for easy manoeuvrability and added stability.


    Integral seat handle serves as a useful handgrip for pulling rollator.


    Soft, flexible backrests provides comfort and safety whilst seated.


    Push button height adjustment on handles to suit user requirements.


    Ergonomic loop brakes with internally routed brake cables for added safety.


    20cm (8″) diameter wheels suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


    Includes removable storage bag to carry shopping items and essentials.




    Price $320.00 incl.GST
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